• Easy, Healthy Weeknight Meal!

    If weeknights at your house are anything like mine, it's always a mad dash to get something (preferably healthy) on the dinner table in time. That's why I'm a big fan of recipes that can be made in stages. For example, you can make part of the recipe in the morning, and then finish it in 20 minutes when you get home from work.

  • Fueling up for the New York Marathon

    Hi Everyone, I hope you've all had a wonderful summer! As we enjoy the last few sweet weeks of summer, I wanted to update you on a project that's really special to me. I'm working with the Seleni Institute to help get their 2013 ING New York City Marathon team fueled up and ready for the race this November.

  • Healthy, Active Kids!

    Hi Friends, Over the years I've gotten to know the great folks at CLIF Kid and this week I'm partnering with them for a CLIF Kid ZMoms Facebook Q&A. Along with me, two other amazing moms will be answering questions about how to raise confident, capable, creative kids. Steph Morgan (Modern Parents, Messy Kids) and Zina Harrington (Let’s Lasso the Moon) will offer up their tips for creative play, art projects and much, much more.  We know life can get busy. The CLIF Kid ZMo...

  • Reunited! Me and my Double Ginger Crinkles

    About two years ago I posted about refinding a beloved recipe for Double Ginger Crinkle Cookies that had originally run in the Washington Post back in the nineties. But then I redid my website last year, wiping out all of the older posts. Of course when I wanted to whip up a batch today for a pot luck dinner at my daughter's school, I was once again out of luck.  Ahh, but the power of the Internet is mighty, and when I searched for the cookies again, I actually found my old post!

  • Banana Bread--with or without the baby

    One of my favorite recipes from Feed the Belly is the Baby on Board Banana Bread. It's a moist, delicious loaf that's chock full of delicious ingredients. It also has more fiber and less sugar than most banana bread recipes.

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