Gifts for Teens + Besties

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Hello gorgeous! If you’re looking for something that your teen, tween, cousin or niece will actually love, then check out these two amazing beauty advent calendars.

  1. Florence by Mills Advent Calendar: You’ve likely heard of the actress Millie Bobbie Brown from Stranger Things, but did you know she has her own beauty line called Florence by Mills? This cheery 12-Day calendar is chock full of wonderful goodies like festive red lip gloss, creasy moisturizer, and a mini highlighter ($129).
  2. 12 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar: If you’re looking for something similar that’s a lot more affordable, check out this beauty-filled advent calendar from Target. It’s loaded with treats like Olly beauty supplements, Elf makeup, mini dry shampoo and more! ($20)

More Beauty!

Self-care is something we should all be indulging in this time of year. Make it easy for all your loved ones to take care of themselves with these indulgent gifts:

  1. Soma Ayurvedic Jasmine Body Oil: If you like the scent of jasmine, you are going to be enthralled with the intoxicating aroma of this light hydrating body oil. The jasmine flowers are sourced from Madurai, India. Massage into clean, damp skin ($128).
  2. Soma Ayurvedic Vitamin C Serum: This plant-based product melts seamlessly into your skin, leaving it hydrated, toned and ready for the day ($118).
  3. Just B Lip Spectrum: Not just lipstick and not just a glaze, this clever duo actually combines a pigment fluid and glaze in two similar colors to add dimension to lips. Wear them together or alone. The line was developed with South Asian complexions in mind, but they work well on everyone. Available in five gorgeous color families ($38).
  4. Iris & Romeo Winter Skin Daily Trio: Minimalists will adore this fun and functional set of Weekend Skin with SPF 50, Brow Up tinted brow balm, and Power Peptide Lip Balm, which helps plump lips. This is the perfect treat for the girl on-the-go ($79).
  5. Jcos &Honey Deep Moist Shampoo: For the person who struggles to keep their long tresses from drying out in the winter, this stuff is magic. Made in Japan with argan oil and three types of honey, they’ll love sudsing up with this gorgeous-smelling shampoo ($28.95).
  6. Whole Foods Market 365 Peppermint Bath Bombs: Just the thing to help you wake up get a little pep in your step! Pop one in your bath and inhale the invigorating scent ($5.99 for a pack of 5).
  7. Laki Naturals Lavender Bath Soak: These soothing salts are perfect for runners or anyone who could use a little me time in the tub. With the tranquil scent of lavender, this is perfect for a pre-slumber soak ($18).