• Smoothies Help You Get More Fruits and Veggies

    The Smoothie Plan shows you exactly how to create filling, healthy smoothies that keep you satisfied for hours. Packed with 80 delicious smoothie recipes, this is your guide to feeling fantastic starting today!

  • Smoothies & Juices: 100+ Delicious Recipes For Optimal Wellness

  • Feed the Belly: The Pregnant Mom's Healthy Eating Guide

    Feed the Belly is a mom-to-be’s healthy eating guidebook. The only eating guide for expectant moms that helps indulge cravings while giving baby—and mom—the essential nutrients they need, Feed the Belly offers a complete look at healthy eating for all nine months, including:

    – What to eat to get pregnant
    – How to pick the right foods to make your baby smarter
    – Where to get the nutrients you and your baby need
    – Which are the safest seafood picks and when to choose organic
    – How to choose the best fast food and easy on-the-go snacks
    – Stay-fit secrets (yoga poses included!)
    – Get started with a seven-day tear-out eating plan!

    With answers to all your pregnancy questions on nutrition, weight gain, food safety, and much more, Feed the Belly offers expectant moms something to sink their teeth into.

    Includes a foreword by Food Network Star Robin Miller and more than 65 easy-to-make recipes, organized by craving.

  • The CarbLovers Diet: Eat What You Love, Get Slim for Life

    Discover the delicious diet that made this book a New York Times best seller. It’s time to change your mindset! Breakthrough research revealed in this book shows how certain carb-rich foods–especially those with the amazing natural ingredient called Resistant Starch–act as powerful metabolism boosters and appetite suppressants. Rather than making you fat and bloated, as decades of low-carb diet gurus claimed, CARBS make you thin. They can shrink fat cells, especially in your belly; boost fat burning; increase muscle mass; curb cravings; keep you feeling full longer than other foods; control blood sugar, and lower cholesterol and triglycerides!

    The CarbLovers Diet is a real women-tested, dietitian-approved road map proven to melt off 10, 35, even 100 plus pounds forever. The CarbLovers Diet shows you how to eat your favorite carb-filled foods-and helps you get thinner and happier than you ever imagined. We’ve included fun-to-follow eating rules, tricks and tips, grocery lists, and amazing recipes anyone can make, enjoy, and share with others. Don’t feel like cooking? No problem. We’ve got hundreds of quick bites, frozen foods and restaurant menu items too. Get ready for your fabulous new life as a CarbLover!

  • The CarbLovers Diet Cookbook

    The CarbLovers Diet proved that eating carbs can make you slim. Now, by popular demand, the cookbook will show that you can lose weight eating delicious food at every meal, seven days a week. You’ll find 150 incredible new recipes like lasagna, chicken pot pie, shrimp tacos (even coconut cake!), plus a new RD-approved diet plan, grab-and-go options, and menus for special occasions. Discover 150 delicious recipes, including celeb chef creations from Cat Cora, Guy Fieri, Michael Chiarello, and Wolfgang Puck.


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