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We all need a little extra self-care in the winter, especially this year, so treat friends and family to gifts that help them feel their best.

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One of my favorite ways to wind down at night is with a mask. With so much screen time these days, I know my face needs some extra TLC to look its best. This Skin of Your Dreams face mask set from Pacifica is fantastic and includes 5 masks that target specific skincare needs. On sale now for $11.25, the pack includes two traditional face masks, plus three spot treatments that help address fine lines and dullness. The masks are 100% vegan and created for all skin types.

Bring that warm, wintry vibe into your home with this gorgeous soy candle from Stonewall Home. The Winter White fragrance features notes of zesty citrus and fresh cut balsam. Three wicks in the medium bowl size ($17.95) provide a burn time of up to 50 hours, which will last for at least 50 bubble baths by my calculations! Other sizes and scents available online.

I’ve been stepping up my online workouts recently with resistance bands and let me tell you–they work! I love this set of three bands from The Bloom Method (on sale for $10.80) which are made from high quality latex and provide three different levels of resistance, from light to heavy. Start with the lightest and move on up to heaviest to make everything from lunges to squats more challenging. The bands come in a mesh pouch and are the perfect addition to at-home workouts.

Everyone needs a chocolate pick-me-up now and then and I have yet to find a human who doesn’t love the salted caramels from Fran’s. The box of seven grey salt caramels ($16) is just the perfect little treat to send to colleagues and team members who have made your weekly Zooms a little bit brighter. It comes in various box colors, including ones that are perfect for Chanukah.

It can be tough to feel grounded these days, but the bracelets from Lokai just might help. Each design includes water from Mt. Everest, the highest point on earth, and mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. These two elements help remind you to stay humble when you’re on top of the world, and to remain hopeful when you’re at a low point. The Black Lives Matter ($18) and other designs come in 5 sizes and are available at Lokai.com.

The serious chocolate lover requires the complete indulgence–the Chocolate by Nature Box from Alter Eco. This $24.99 box features four chocolate bars (Grass Fed Milk Chocolate, Classic Blackout, Sea Salt and Burnt Caramel), plus 10 salted caramel truffles, pictured (my fave!). All of the chocolate is Fair Trade and each box sold plants one tree in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

Slipping into a bath is one of the simplest self-care rituals. Help them make it even better with this yummy-smelling Vanilla Rose Coconut Sugar Body Scrub, $39, from Purely Elizabeth. Yes, the same Purely Elizabeth that also makes amazing granola! This certified organic scrub will help smooth out rough skin on heels, elbows and more with a vegan blend of shea butter, and hempseed and rosehip oils. I love that 5% of the profits from the scrub go back to the women who own the coconut sugar facility.

Intense workouts can leave your muscles achy and everyday stress can cause neck and back strain. Release all of it with the combined power of therapeutic salts and aromatherapy in the Relax Bath Salt in Lavender Magnolia from Edens Garden. A 10-ounce bag is $13.95. The ethically and sustainably-sourced lavender essential oils are also fantastic for helping you drift off to sleep–and we could all use a good night’s sleep these days.

There might not be an office holiday party to get dressed up for this year, but you can still send your work friends this festive knitted Santa face mask from Boosocki. The Ho Ho Ho face mask ($12.99) is made from a soft blend of nylon, polyester and cotton and is machine washable (air drying is recommended).

My mantra for 2020 has been Mama Needs a Run and someone actually turned that into a sweatshirt! This super comfy and plush pullover from Sarah Marie Design Studio is perfect for your bestie who loves to get out there and clear her mind with a brisk run. The sweatshirt, $68, comes in black and mauve (shown here) and is made from a lovely blend of machine-washable cotton and polyester.