Cool as a Cucumber Smoothie

In Breakfast, Smoothies by Frances Largeman-Roth

Makes 1 serving

At 96% water, cucumber is one of the most hydrating foods on the block. Combine it with spinach, celery, banana, pineapple and Greek yogurt for a super body boost post-workout.

This pretty green number comes from my book, Smoothies & Juices: Prevention Healing Kitchen. Blend it up after your next sweat session and drop me a note to let me know what you think!


Makes 1 serving


1 cup baby spinach

1/2 cup chopped cucumber

1 stalk celery, chopped

1/2 ripe banana, sliced

1/2 cup pineapple chunks

1 5.3 ounce container plain Greek yogurt

4 ice cubes

Parsley for garnish, optional


In a blender, combine all ingredients except for parsley. Blend until smooth. Garnish with parsley and serve in a tall glass.

232 calories, 1g fat (0g saturated), 19g protein, 164mg sodium, 40g carbs, 26g sugars (0g added sugar), 5g fiber