Healthy HouseCalls And More

Whether you are looking to increase your fitness potential, get in shape for your wedding, eat for a healthy pregnancy, make your family meals healthier or lose those stubborn post-baby pounds, FLR Nutrition is here to help! With her one-on-one nutrition consultations, Frances will assess your food and lifestyle habits and give you a doable plan that fits into your schedule and produces results. Frances’ focus is on using whole foods, exercise and healthy cooking techniques to provide clients with advice they actually enjoy following. To learn more about Frances, click here.

Frances provides the following services:

In-home Healthy HouseCall (1-hour): After reviewing your Client Assessment Form and learning about your nutrition and wellness goals, Frances will provide a personalized plan for you to follow.

Skype consultation (initial 60 minute meeting; 30 or 60 minute follow ups): Can’t meet in person? Set up a time to discuss your nutrition goals and get advice tailored to your needs.

Guided Grocery Shopping Tour (1-hour): Frances will meet you at your local grocery store (or walk you through the options at your favorite online shopping service) and target your healthiest options, aisle by aisle.

Total Kitchen Makeover: (90-minutes) Includes a Healthy HouseCall, plus Frances raids your pantry and fridge, while explaining what to toss and what to replace it with. Includes $50 worth of healthy ingredients. She will also evaluate your cooking gear and recommend the tools to make your kitchen healthier.

Cooking classes and other options are available by request.

To set up an appointment, please contact Frances at